About Us

Al-SHIFA Scientific Drug Bureau


ALSHIFA Scientific Drug Bureau is a leading pharmaceuticals distributer which registers, imports, promotes and sells medicines across Iraq, contributing to the nation’s recovery and development. The bureau has a rich and generous history as it was officially registered at the Ministry of Health in 1998 and has long since served both, the public and private pharmaceutical sectors.


ALSHIFA’s 212 strong qualified staff are motivated to perform around the clock because ALSHIFA’s mission runs deep through every team member’s veins and arteries: namely to improve the nation’s health, by ensuring high-quality pharmaceuticals are continuously available when needed by any sick patient anywhere in Iraq.


ALSHIFA  represents a full spectrum of top-end international pharmaceutical  companies, including 2 multinational corporations that research, develop and produce advanced medicines as well as 5 advanced generic manufacturers. Therefore, ALSHIFA deals with an extensive range of branded and advanced generic products: our portfolio thus far contains more than 120 registered pharmaceutical items, covering almost all medical fields.

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